Welcome to the website of  Elaine M. Ross!!! 

Collaborative Pianist and Saxophonist

Dr. Ross's works have been performed and enjoyed by individuals and ensembles from a variety of genres.  This site provides links for obtaining her available works as well as information about works in progress, upcoming performances, recitals and clinics as a collaborative pianist and saxophonist, and contact information.  Dr. Ross is available to consider commissions and guest artist appearances.  Please feel free to contact her with your comments and questions.


The large audience's response only confirmed what we already knew--Firefly is an inspired, well-crafted, thoughtfully orchestrated, formally balanced work that is, unapologetically, enjoyable for players and audiences, alike.  It is a special piece by a talented young composer with a very bright future.  Congratulations!

Dr. Jack Delaney, Conductor
Meadows Wind Ensemble
Southern Methodist University